There are many reasons to pick the  Automotive Programs at Rowan College at
Gloucester County , here are just a few:

-A real two year degree that will give you options down the road

- Three, ten week CO-OPs /Internships, there are many advantages to this, here are

     The CO-OP keeps us honest, that means we actually have to teach,since when
you return to the CO-OP you will be expected to know what was taught
    in the previous sem

    You get to apply the skills you just learned in class, in the real world.

    You get to see if you really like this career path before you invest two years
    only to find that it is not for you.

upon graduation. ( as long as you don't burn the dealer down)

    The best part of the CO-OP is you get paid

- Tuition is less than half of the price of the private schools that make big promises
but seldom deliver and also don't have the CO-OP, so where is the incentive to really

- Students have the option to transfer to a school such as Penn State or Northwood
University in West Palm Beach Florida and pursue a Bachelors degree in Automotive
Management. These graduates typically will work for a manufacturer such as Ford, GM,
BMW etc. Check out

- We have been doing this for 2
7 years and would not still be here if we were not doing
something right.