The authority to grant a degree in Automotive Technology was granted to Gloucester County College
(Now Rowan College of Gloucester County) by the New Jersey Board of Higher Education on November
30, 1990. All students who are admitted and successfully complete the two-year program will be awarded an
Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Automotive Technology.  
The Automotive Technology program is a joint venture involving three cooperating participants: Rowan
College of Gloucester County , Gloucester County Institute of Technology, and the Ford Motor Company.
Ford has established 40 other such programs throughout the United States under the name of ASSET
(Automotive Student Service Educational Training).
ASSET at Gloucester County College is a 20-month curriculum. The Automotive Technology classes, which
include lecture and hands-on shop experiences, are held at the Gloucester County Institute of Technology.  
Supportive liberal arts courses, including mathematics, science and computer classes, are held on the
Gloucester County College campus. Both institutions are located adjacent on Tanyard Road in Sewell, New
•        The Automotive Technology courses cover bumper-to-bumper technical training on Ford automotive
products, including the latest developments in engines, ignitions and fuel systems, on-board electronics, and
computerized engine controls.
•        The program is divided into three, 20-week semesters and two ten week semesters. Ten-week
sessions of classroom and shop experiences alternate with ten weeks of internship/cooperative education at
participating Ford/Lincoln Mercury dealerships in the Delaware Valley. The incorporation of the internships
allows students to apply their classroom training in a real-work setting. Additionally, students become familiar
with the dealership environment and organizational structure, as well as the competencies expected of a
professional automotive technician. Students are paid a salary for their work experiences at the dealerships
during their internship periods.


Ford ASSET Program
Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Career

FIRST YEAR - First Semester Credits
AUT 101        Auto Service Fundamentals                 2
AUT 107        Automotive Electrical Systems              5
COM 101        English Composition I                         3
MAT 109        Technical Mathematics                        3
*CEP 200        Cooperative Education                       1
      Total Credits:                                                     14

Second Semester
AUT 105         Brakes & Hydraulics Controls         3
AUT 103         Front End Suspension                      3
HPE 102         Safety/First Aid/CPR                        2
PHY 110         Applied Physics                                4
      Total Credits:                                                  12

Third Semester
AUT 110         Engine Repair                                   4
AUT 111         Heating/Ventilation/A.C.                   3
AUT 135         Manual Transmissions                       3
CIS 101         Computer Literacy                              3
*CEP 204         Cooperative Education                     1
      Total Credits:                                                   14

SECOND YEAR - Fourth Semester
*CEP 208         Cooperative Education                    1
AUT 121         Automatic Transmissions I                 2
AUT 123         Automotive Electronics                      4
COM 102         English Composition II                     3
PSY 101         General Psychology                           3
      Total Credits:                                                   13

Fifth Semester
AUT 131         Fuel & Emission Systems                  3
AUT 134         Automatic Transmissions II                3
HIS 242        First 100 Years of the Automobile        3
ART 101         Art Appreciation I                              3
      Total Credits:                                                   12


*10-week internship with a Ford/Lincoln-Mercury dealership is required.  A flexible internship (co-op) can
be discussed.